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In need of comprehensive plumbing services in Warwick’s vicinity? Look no further than Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas. Our team is a collective of seasoned professionals with more than a 30 years of industry experience. 

As a licensed plumbing company in Warwick, our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients by offering superior general plumbing services marked by dedication, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach. 

Reach out to us for all your general plumbing needs at your home, property, or business, and discover the distinct service provided by Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas.

Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas is a local, certified, full-service plumbing business equipped with the skills and capabilities to handle any plumbing task in Warwick, regardless of size. We’re proud of our highly trained plumbers and support staff, who consistently delight our customers, playing a crucial role in our success. 

We rely on top-tier tools and equipment to address all your plumbing needs, offering services ranging from commercial plumbingbathroom renovations, drain inspections, and water leak detection to repair of burst pipes and much more. 

Get in touch today to request a no obligation quote for reliable plumbing services in Warwick and surrounding suburbs.

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At Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas, we offer expert installation services for showers and taps, ensuring precision and excellence at the first attempt. Experience the joy of a newly installed showerhead or tap in your kitchen or bathroom, complemented by our flawless and high-quality plumbing work. For your home, property, or business, don't compromise - choose our exceptional standard for all your plumbing installation needs.

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Have you detected a leak either indoors or outdoors on your property? Don't delay! Call Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas to inspect your leaks in Warwick and prevent unnecessary water wastage and escalating water bills. We promptly and professionally address both minor and major water leaks for a reasonable cost. Our expert team is adept at inspecting and diagnosing your plumbing issues, helping you rectify them as swiftly as possible.


Despite our best efforts, plumbing issues and damages can surface unexpectedly. Whether minor or major, plumbing repairs are inevitable at some point. When these occur, it's crucial to have a trusted and responsive plumber on hand. Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas is at your service to proficiently address all your repair needs, from washers and flexi hoses to running toilets, and more, in your Warwick home, property, or business.

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