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RAinWater Tank Installation

Every rainwater tank must adhere to essential health and safety standards outlined in the Queensland Development Code. 

These standards are designed to ensure water quality protection, encompassing mosquito and vermin control, reduction of potential contamination with town water supplies, use of suitable materials for tank design and construction, and appropriate signage.

Rainwater tanks can be installed for varied purposes:
– For external use only, such as gardening and car washing, using a hose tap.
– For both external and internal use, thereby also supplying indoor fixtures.

In cases where the rainwater supply system from a tank is connected to the Southern Downs Regional Council’s water supply, a Dual Check Valve with Atmospheric Port must be installed. 

Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas can assist with your rainwater tank installation, first flush systems, dual check valve installation and inspections, and submission of forms to the council. 


A backflow prevention device serves as a safeguard, protecting Warwick’s water supply from potential contamination by untreated water.

If a link exists between your rainwater supply and the town water service that supplies outlet valves at fixtures and appliances, like toilets and washing machines, it’s imperative to install a proper backflow prevention device.

This ensures any untreated water in the tank doesn’t inadvertently contaminate Warwick’s water supply.

Southern Downs Plumbing and Gas is suitably endorsed for backflow prevention tasks and can ensure your rainwater tank installation remains compliant with Southern Downs Regional Council. 

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Rainwater tanks are available in diverse designs, built from different materials, and come in various sizes. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Metal Tanks: Crafted from durable materials like Colorbond or Zincalume, these tanks are known for longevity, often enhanced by polyethylene lining.
  • Polyethylene Tanks: These tanks, also known as ‘poly tanks,’ are lightweight and hassle-free to install, offering a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Fibreglass Tanks: Similar in characteristics to poly tanks, though typically a bit more expensive.
  • Concrete Tanks: An optimal choice for underground tanks where robust strength is a necessity.

Beyond the traditional round tanks, we also install slimline tanks that snugly fit against any wall and specially designed tanks and bladders for underground placement. Talk to us today about your rainwater tank installation requirements and how we can help.

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